Let It All Out Live in Taiwan

This is a video from the DNA conference in Taiwan from July 2012

Let It All Out DNA Conference

Doug Lanza radio interveiw

Listen to Doug Lanza talk to Cole Nevin of NorCal Christian Events about the Lanza band and “Your Heart”

Your Heart – download links


Amazon Mp3

Let It All Out – Single

Here I Am Again – download link


Here I Am Again – Album Sampler

To download, right-click the link below and “Save Target As” or “Save Link As” for Mac users-

Download Let It All Out

Download Here I Am Again (album sampler)

Your Heart – Sheet Music

If you would like to download the sheet music for the songs from the album “Your Heart” click on the following links:

Every Knee Shall Bow

Everybody Praise

Everything to You

Holy Fire

Holy is the Lord

Let it All Out

My Heart to Yours

Rise Up

Unknown Things

Voice of One

Here I Am Again – Sheet Music

If you would like to download the sheet music for the songs from the album “Here I Am Again” click on the following links:

Here I Am Again

You Are Merciful To Me

The Angels Sing

The Holy Place

Give You All

I Just Want To Worship You

I Need You

Not be Afraid

Our God Is Great

Dance in the spirit           Dance in the Spirit tab

Here I Am Again – Tutorial Video




  1. too good band.

  2. Hi,

    Long time no see! when will you play your concert in H.K. again? Last time it was at X’Mas.

    Please reply to my email so we will keep in touch.

  3. Hey Doug,
    Well it has been a long time hasn’t it?Love your music,you sound great-as does the whole band!
    I really wonder what ever happened to you -and now I know.You look great and so Anne.You have done a fantastic job raising your family.
    I’m still in Santa Cruz,playing in a old school funk,R&B,Motown band.Had my moment of clarity about 14 years ago and have been clean and sober ever since.It’s really great,finding a better way to live.I did get married to a very lovely Asian woman from China a few months ago.(I know-it’s about time!)
    I hope I will see you again,as you were one of my all time real friends from college and the growth through music in college.Drop me a line sometime if you have the time or the opportunity.WE play at the Double Tree in San Jose this weekend if you’re anywhere near stop by or call me and I can put you on the guest list.
    I’ve had a Piano Rental business for a while and keep busy most of the time-it was a lot better when the economy was chuggin along.
    I got to rent one of my Grand pianos to Clint Eastwood,or Jazz festivals where I got to meet Bobby Hutcherson,Roy Hargrove,Lave Smith and her Skillet lickers,Mose Alison-plus more (too numerous to mention)from Jazz Festivals to Fund Raisers.
    Anyway give me a call sometime if you’d like to catch up.831-475-2936.
    Take care,


  4. We love you all so veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much!!!!!

  5. Do A Tutorial On Let It All Out & Rise Up

  6. Hello Lanza Family
    It was nice to hear you in person and would like more of your music.
    Also if you have any plans to be in the north east I would like to be able to help if I can.

    Sincerly Persition Valley Baptist Church Rev Beebe

  7. Hey Doug! I think it’s awesome that you have this band with your kids. “Let it all out” sounds great!

  8. Hey Lanza family :)
    Thank u for beeing in Rinteln , Germany.
    It was so wonderful having u around . The holy spirit is with us and our children . Friday night and Sundday morning were excellent. There was so much moved by god at . We are keeping u in our minds and hearts .Also keeping the peace.
    My prayers are with u.



  9. Hello, Doug, I am Arno who guided you and your family through Leuven in Belgium some 2 years ago – we did a lot of walking then (I am an acquaintance of Mia en Josée).
    It sounds all very nice to me.I try to get people here to go to these evenings…
    God bless you all!!!

  10. On Sunday, Easter service, God had also raised up our youth with music. Rocki’s team had a new sound with the guitar and drums. Pastor Richard said it sounded war like. Then Timothy Snodgrass, said that there were golden instruments falling and had called out the musicians and said that they would make a new noise an unusual noise. Then the prophetic team turned into a praise team. Over 15 people were in this improvised worship team (me included.) It is amazing how God moves. He is uniting people to the same thing all over the world.

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