Let It All Out Live in Taiwan

This is a video from the DNA conference in Taiwan from July 2012

Let It All Out DNA Conference

Doug Lanza radio interveiw

Listen to Doug Lanza talk to Cole Nevin of NorCal Christian Events about the Lanza band and “Your Heart”

Your Heart – download links


Amazon Mp3

Let It All Out – Single

Here I Am Again – download link


Here I Am Again – Album Sampler

To download, right-click the link below and “Save Target As” or “Save Link As” for Mac users-

Download Let It All Out

Download Here I Am Again (album sampler)

Your Heart – Sheet Music

If you would like to download the sheet music for the songs from the album “Your Heart” click on the following links:

Every Knee Shall Bow

Everybody Praise

Everything to You

Holy Fire

Holy is the Lord

Let it All Out

My Heart to Yours

Rise Up

Unknown Things

Voice of One

Here I Am Again – Sheet Music

If you would like to download the sheet music for the songs from the album “Here I Am Again” click on the following links:

Here I Am Again

You Are Merciful To Me

The Angels Sing

The Holy Place

Give You All

I Just Want To Worship You

I Need You

Not be Afraid

Our God Is Great

Dance in the spirit           Dance in the Spirit tab

Here I Am Again – Tutorial Video




  1. How do we go about purchacing your cd’s Bro. Doug? We had a copy of thr first one but it got scratched. Sure would like to have that one again as well as purchacing all after that. I remember the time when we really connected (musically) during a Sunday morning worship. I’m still playing with my church worship team here in Indiana. At Calvary Chapel, Granger Indiana, a small UPC church Pastored by Robert Moore. Praise the Lord and God Bless you, your family anf your ministry. Love and miss you guys, Bro.John and Sis. Evelyn
    Ps. Were both on Facebook if one wants send a shout out.

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  3. Hi Anne and Doug, it was truly a blessing to have met you in Georgia. Especially coming from my home.. the Bay Area. I look forward to seeing you in the fall and to visiting your church and being blessed and refreshed as Pastor Frazier says… by your music. LauraB.

  4. Cant wait to hear your new CD! Have had you guys on my heart lately, must have been about “Your Heart” :) How can I order it?

  5. Hi Doug Anne Family, Enjoy the new sounds very much. It lifts my heart to God! Love you all . . . John & Evelyn Mac

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