The Journey of “Your Heart”

May 22, 2012

Hey everyone. So many amazing things have happened in the course of recording our new CD, “Your Heart”. It all started almost 4 years ago and by the grace of God we hope to have the CD released next month. So, I want to share some of this journey with everyone because whether you’re a musician or not I really think you’ll be able to relate to what happened to our family over the course of recording this new CD.

I guess for today I’ll start at the very beginning. When we went to start this project we felt the Lord tell us to do this particular project in the studio where we could do more production overall. Of course as in all of our projects the main thing is for the spirit of worship to be in the music and for people to feel the presence of God when they listen. To start out we needed a studio where we could get a good drum sound to record the basic tracks. After some praying and some searching we were connected with a very famous studio here in our area called Fantasy Studios. Everyone from Santana to Stevie Wonder to U2 and many more have recorded there. Much to our surprise and delight God opened the door and made a way for us to record at Fantasy. When the day came for us to record the basic tracks we brought all our equipment into the studio. We set up the drums, bass, guitars, keyboards and all the mics. As I stood there preparing to start the recording it came to me that this was the exact same studio I had been in years before I was saved recording with my band and being produced by Motown producer, Harvey Fuqua. Now things had come around full circle and here I was again recording for Jesus. Years before I had been there doing my own thing and trying to become a famous music star. Now years later I was at the exact same studio praising God and making music for Him. As I stood in Fantasy studios I was overwhelmed by the mercy and grace of God and His power to redeem.

So that’s how it all started. With a mircale of God’s grace and mercy in taking a lost musician, turning his life around and bringing him around full circle to be a worshiper of the one true God.

More to come next time. Lot’s more to tell in future blogs. Thanks for coming to visit us. See you again soon.



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  1. Hello ~
    Can I have all “Your Heart” lyrics?
    I already buy it~ and I really like it

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